Television Advertisements

Although television advertisements seem to be losing their market share in the face of digital, they continue to maintain their influence in our country. Within the scope of 360° media planning and buying, we announce your brand’s voice in the most suitable channels and programmes for your target audience with the most appropriate TV packages.

Television advertisements can appeal to all segments of the society in formats such as product placement, spot advertisements, promotional advertisements, sub-band advertisements and public service ads, and can arouse curiosity and demand in your target audience with catchy visuals and films.

Television Advertisements

Although the rates of digital expenditures continue to increase every year, television advertisements continue to be indispensable especially in terms of brand awareness and visibility. One of the most important functions of TV advertisements is its contribution to digital. Many of our researches and experiences show that the digital advertisements of brands using TV advertisements are more efficient and have a very positive effect on their direct traffic, and most importantly, on brand searches in search engines, with the increased penetration of mobile phones. Lead+Media gets the best TV advertising price and package for your brand.

Programmatic TV

TV advertising, which is a 70-billion-dollar industry all over the world, now has to change. Following the path of desktop, social and mobile ads, the television industry is starting to flirt with programmatic technologies. We carry our brands to the world of programmatic TV with the most accurate technology partners in Turkey.
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