We offer data-targeted smart advertising services with a team that has been experts in programmatic advertising buying for more than 10 years and has laid the keystones of programmatic advertising in Turkey. Our experts, who use more than one DSP, including our own DMP set-up, provide the most suitable audience for you with the most accurate visuals, using the latest technology and targeting features, and manage purchases at the most advantageous prices.


One of the best ways to increase brand recognition is to reach an audience with interests matching your business vertical. With Programmatic Branding and RTB (instant bidding system), you can reach all the broadcasters in the world, in every language. With programmatic advertising you can not only select the broadcaster as it used to be in older advertising disciplines, but also you can target the suitable audiences. To get the best programmatic buying service, please get in touch with our team of Turkey’s best experts.


As an advertiser, one of the issues you need to be most sensitive about is to manage your own user data (first-party data) efficiently and accurately, which you have acquired by pushing your budgets to the fullest. A DMP (Data Management Platform) is a major technology investment for many brands. As Lead+, we enable you to make sense of this information and use it in a qualified manner with our DMP application.


Programmatic buying is not exactly performance advertising, but when used correctly, it can become a serious performance tool with options such as (re-targeting) setups, (custom intent), and semantic targeting. As in all these technology platforms, the issue is the success of the right media planning and operator.
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What is Programmatic?

Programmatic advertising is a smart brand recognition and performance tool used to reach today’s users with constantly developing technology. Thanks to this model, it is possible to access desktop and mobile websites, mobile applications, smart televisions, smart wearable technologies, audio – video streams and digital outdoors.

Although the emergence of this type of advertising began as a means of evaluating, filling and making available the empty inventory left by the broadcasters, it has evolved to become much more sophisticated and useful.

What Can You Do with Programmatic Advertising?

Although it is perceived as complex with the DSP (demand-side platform), SSP (supply-side platform), API (application programming interface) and DMPs (data management platform) used, with these tools, ad spaces can be automated within the targeting criteria, and be decided automatically that which advertisements will be shown to which users within the scope of the data used, and how much payment will be made within the specified purchasing protocol.
With these tools, advertisers can ensure that their messages reach related or different audiences with their first-party data and third-party data that they will purchase.
With different buying protocols, advertisers and broadcasters can decide on pricing in advance and purchase guaranteed displays, or buy ad spaces by entering an auction with the RTB protocol.

The display purchased with the tools used, then adds measurement capability to the advertiser’s hand and offers more meaningful reports. With these reports, it provides advertisers a more realistic data in understanding and querying their target audiences.
With programmatic advertising, brands can decide on which day, at what time interval or on which device and at what scale they will reach their target audiences according to their internet habits, and they can change it by intervening in real time.