Big Data Marketing

The most important topic in which Lead+ Media distinguishes itself from its competitors is its experience and knowledge in Big Data. The future of marketing lies in bringing together the titles such as information, interests, buying patterns, personality traits of the masses with brands without harming their personality rights. This allows us to prepare much more accurate advertising content regardless of platform and channel, and to touch the right person with the right message at the right time with models such as programmatic. With the agreements and collaborations, we have made with the largest service providers in Turkey and abroad, we can give your brand many new marketing ideas that you had never thought of.

Data Mining

You have invaluable customer information in your CRM system. At the same time, you manage campaigns on the Web and you have a serious user traffic. If you want to combine these two, reduce your expenses, and increase your revenues finding various anomalies, patterns, correlations in this data flow, you can get Data Mining service from us from an advertiser perspective. Our team of experts in data mining, allows you to uncover all the values that can add value for your brand and use it for your brand.

Wi-fi / Access Point

You own a business and/or chain businesses. You provide internet service to your customers with Wi-fi / Access Point, but internet users are out of your access as soon as they leave your store. Now, you can reach all your users or customers with internet access 365 days a year without having an application. We develop projects that comply with the KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law in Turkey) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) under the supervision of our IT law attorneys, and we do not put your brand at risk in any way.


Our DMP (Data Management Platform) services are perhaps one of the most interesting and unique services we offer you as Lead+. We can now establish a system for your brand where customer data collected with smart sensors can be targeted on the internet, either in the cloud or on-premise, with a DMP system. All of your customers coming to your store are targeted for you in digital channels and accessible not only with push notifications but also with personalized desktop (desktop) / mobile ads regardless of place and time.

CRM Integrations

One of the most important parameters that will carry you to Big Data dominance is your ability to manage your CRM data. As Lead+, we are again breaking new ground in our country, and with the turnkey system we will establish, we match your company’s CRM data with telemetry from smart sensors, gender, age, ethnicity, what brand logo they wear, how many groups they come in, whether they exit with a bag or not; and in the light of all this information, we can make smart targeting on all digital platforms.

Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing is a brand-new communication method that allows you to reach all your customers at the right time and place with personalized messages on their smartphones, through smart sensors, and significantly reduces your marketing costs. In particular, businesses serving in retail, tourism, hotel management, real estate, shopping malls and all other certain locations are able to provide the most accurate service to their customers, share personal discount opportunities, optimize shelves, create in-store heat maps, and thus, benefit from more costly mass media such as OOH and TV and allows them to save money. Lead+ enables you to carry out your activities in a secure manner, in compliance with KVKK and GDPR, with the support of informatics law attorneys.

Smart Sensors

As Lead +, we offer our customers a brand-specific, turnkey solution by projecting all the skills of our sensor / technology partners that have proven themselves in Turkey and internationally. Equipped with Bluetooth technology and facial recognition systems, our smart sensors provide you with the most accurate data and optimization flexibility by using artificial intelligence technologies for all customer and personnel information 24 hours a day. Our sensors can provide you detailed information of the people who stepped in your store such as gender, age, ethnicity, what brand logo they wear, how many groups they come in, whether they exit with a bag or not.
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